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Green Tech Carpet Care & Cleaning services all around Orange County and southern California, and has locations in Long Beach, Anaheim, Los Angeles, & Canoga Park to offer you with the utmost of green friendly cleaning needs.

We commit to using the utmost professional environment-friendly equipment and cleaners. Our trained technicians are detailed, knowledgeable, and nothing less than professional. We’re committed to get all your carpet cleaning needs done to offer the best in removing any stains possible. We also do special services such as repairs to any damage on your carpet or if your carpets need stretching.

Our Philosophy
Green Tech Carpet Care aims to offer the most efficient and cost-effective cleaning that cannot be beat anywhere else. We offer a variety of cleaning services to accommodate to any client’s budget, and at the same time continue to provide the highest quality of clean and freshness to your home. We understand that there are carpet cleaning jobs that cannot be cleaned in a conventional manner. Areas such as air ducts and vents, in addition to repairing carpet elements from everyday wear-and-tears are what we can do for you and will service you with the most common unconventional cleaning surface areas that you need done. We are motivated to make your homes and business places cleaner and fresher so that you would be in the most comfortable environment possible. We strive to beat our competitors and will perform all of our duties in the most environmental-friendly manner possible. Green Tech Carpet Care works to make your carpet bright and colorful as when you first got them.

Our Methods
Our carpet cleaning process works deep within your carpets to lift and eliminate soil, dirt, and grime from your carpets. We conduct professional cleaning methods with solutions that will work on the carpet fibers to loosen stubborn dirt and stains. We provide carpet cleaning services that combat both hard and liquid stains such as wax, gum, pet stains, wine, coffee, blood and ink. Our unique carpet cleaning techniques leave the carpets in your home or business feeling new and fresh, and in addition preserve your carpets from future stains and built ups with protective solutions.

In addition we offer disinfecting and deodorizing carpets and fabric services. Our methods kill dust mites, bacteria, allergens, and germs that cling onto carpet fibers which are not able to eliminate with home vacuums. Our eco-environmental friendly methods of carpet cleaning contain safe bio-degradable ingredients. The odor pets leave from urine and feces could remain in the carpet for years and stains could be too tough from simply wash away. By using our services, Green Tech Carpet Care removes the lingering odor and eliminates the agents from the residue that helps the agents remain on the carpets. We take pride of our philosophy incorporating into our methods; these services include but are not limited to,

  • Carpet Cleaning and Care
  • Carpet Repairs & Stretch
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent
  • Tile Grout
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Wood Vinyl Cleaning
  • Water Damage Cleaning

We are an industry leader and expert in carpet cleaning and removing stains that are caused by any agent. We service both residential and commercial carpets, upholstery, and tile & granite cleaning services. It is in our commitment to hard work to repair and clean carpets that are damaged from water leakage or flooding that you cannot repair yourself. We continuously try to offer the highest quality of work and satisfaction to our clients. We work hard to beat out our competition and there is no carpet cleaning job too tough for Green Tech Carpet Care & Cleaning to handle.

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We serve all areas in Orange County & southern California including but not limited Diamond Bar, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Orange, Laguna Beach, and much more!