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Green Tech Carpet Care & Cleaning services all around San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley and southern California, and has locations in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, & Canoga Park to offer you with the utmost of green friendly cleaning needs.

We understand the importance of preserving our earth and hope that you care about the environment and your overall health as much as we do! Here we rank safety first and strongly consider the health of children, people with allergies, and pets while giving your carpets the best cleaning possible. The ingredients contained in our cleaning products that we use here at Green Tech Carpet Care are of the safest available and includes non-toxic, bio-degradable materials and cleaners in order to combat the dirt, allergens, and germs that exist in the deepest areas of your rugs and upholstery fabrics.  Conventional methods to clean the home and carpets are damaging to the environment by harming our air and water. These common cleaners are pollutants that contribute to smog, reduce the quality of drinking water, and are especially toxic to animals. Green Tech Carpet Care helps you prevent yourself from being exposed to hundreds of chemicals that can combine to create deadly toxic gases.  Avoid contaminating our environment by joining us for all your household cleaning needs.

Why Go Green
Green Tech Carpet Care believes in both the importance of overall mental and physical wellness. By using our services to get your carpets cleaned, you could assure that you are making the right decision that has both health and environmental benefits. We use only the safest of cleaning materials which avoids the excess amount of ammonia, nitrogen, and phosphorus spilled into our environment. Being more environmental friendly helps you reduce diseases, boost both energy and mental wellness, and increase efficiency. Living green helps you breathe, eat, and live in a safer environment. Green Tech believes that life styles that are designed for the better of the earth will cause a chain reaction that leads to better health for mankind. By reducing the amount of waste and pollution in air and water, the earth and your health could simultaneously improve together.

Green Tech Carpet Cleaning Serving all of San Gabriel Valley
Although strong chemicals make cleaning easier, it doesn’t mean that using those chemicals will be any better in cleaning. In addition to keeping your family out of harm’s way from toxic gases, we work hard to cleaning your carpets so that you don’t have to. Use efficient technology and safe materials in order to reduce any negative effects on the environment. We offer only the most environmental-safe products to clean your carpet that whitens without chemicals and protects which help maintain the carpet’s quality.  Although many products that are environmental friendly are not as strong in cleaning as the conventional cleansers such as bleach, performance results is not something that Green Tech Carpet Care and Cleaning will trade for going green. Although strong chemicals make cleaning easier, it doesn’t necessarily mean that using those chemicals will be any better in cleaning. Services that we provide are, but not limited to,

  • Carpet Cleaning and Care
  • Carpet Repairs & Stretch
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Dryer Vent
  • Tile Grout
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Area Rug Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Wood Vinyl Cleaning
  • Water Damage Cleaning, such as water pipe bursts & floods

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We serve all areas in San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley & southern California including but not limited to, Pasadena, West Covina, Pomona, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and much more!