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Keep Your Home Clean with
green tech carpet care


There are many people who have areas and furniture in their homes that just cannot be cleaned in a conventional manner.


Whether the cleaning issue is from weather damage, such as flooding, or because the area or furniture is composed of delicate, easily-degradable materials, Green Tech Carpet Care is sure to have not only the manpower, but the safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and techniques needed to clean any tricky flooring, surface, or furnishing that you have in your house.


Not only can we clean unconventional surface areas and upholstered furniture, but we can also repair any damage done by the elements or just everyday wear-and-tear as well as clean areas of your house that are difficult to clean, such as air ducts.


We have the capability to extract and remove water from flooded carpets and to deodorize and disinfect damaged areas as well.


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